Hello everyone,
In light of a few things I said on the Audyssey mailing list over the
past couple days or so I’ve done a lot of thinking about the future of
Mysteries of the Ancients. It is no secret I’ve never been fully
satisfied about it being a side-scroller, and it is also no secret I
promised the community a side-scroller in place of Montezuma’s
Revenge. So I thought about the problem, and I have decided upon a
course of action that I believe not only will satisfy everyone
involved it might actually increase the number of sales for this title
too.  So what’s the plan?
Well, the plan is really quite simple. Beginning with beta 13 or beta
14 I’m going to offer two different downloadable versions of Mysteries
of the Ancients. One in the original side-scroller format all of you
currently have, and an all new 3d first-person version more like what
I had originally planned on creating to begin with. This way it is up
to the customer to decide which version he or she likes and can
purchase either version from the USA Games store when the game is
ready for sale.
One of the reasons I have decided to go ahead and do this is that
since MOTA beta 12 the Genesis Engine has proven itself to be fairly
stable for game development now. I’ve fixed a few things here and
there, updated some things, and beta 13 looks really stable. So taking
that into account it really wouldn’t be that hard to go ahead and
create an all new 3d first-person game using the engine as most of the
functionality is already there. All of the basic functions like
jumping, running, walking, etc is already in the engine. It is simply
a matter of mapping the right 2d or 3d functions to the right keys. As
for the game levels those would have to be redrawn for the fps
version, of course, but that’s nothing compared to writing an entire
engine like Genesis from scratch.  I’d say within two weeks, tops, I
could have a 3d fps version of the same game sitting up there on the
website along side the side-scroller. So why not go ahead and do it
The other reason is that this way will satisfy everyone including me.
This allows the customer to buy and download exactly the version they
want. If side-scrollers are your thing go for it. If you are like me
and want a full 3d fps type format for the game that will be available
too. If you want both you can buy both. The sky is the limit as they
The only other developer I know who has tried this was Edos
Interactive. Back when they released Tomb Raider Legend they released
two different versions of the same game. They released a side-scroller
version for mobile phones, and they also released a complete 3d
third-person perspective version for the Play Station and PC. I’m sure
they did it for different reasons, but the idea is that this has been
done before,  and apparently the marketing ploy worked. People
purchased both because they could have the full 3d version on their PC
and then take the mobile version of the game with them on their mobile
to play on their coffee break. It was a pretty good idea as far as I
am conserned and so I've decided to follow in their footsteps.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I know this is
surprising even for me. However, I think this is the best of both
worlds as far as I am concerned. It is one of those cases where you
can have your cake and eat it too.

Thomas Ward
President of USA Games Interactive

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