Hi Bryan,
Well, I really couldn't have done this any sooner as the engine itself
had been going through various writes and rewrites so that anything i
created would have constantly been in flux and needed to be updated.
However, as it happens since I've made all the major choices for the
1.0 version of the Genesis Engine it is more or less stable enough to
begin creating games with. If anything pops up such as one of the 3d
functions don't work write I can go ahead and fix it, but the core of
the engine is there and it is more or less ready to use now. I don't
intend to rewrite the engine in  some other language like Visual
Basic, Java, whatever tomorrow so anything I create with it now will
use the common core. Any changes to the engine should carry over to
the game unless it happens to be a bug in the main source file which
is where the game specific code goes. Which of course shouldn't be a
problem since I have plenty of working code I can copy right over from
the side-scroller version of the game and modify as needed.
That's the other reason I couldn't do it before. I didn't have a tun
of working, heavily tested code,  I couldn't copy and paste directly
into a new project and start using it such as the game menus or the
NewLevel() function which sets all the object properties, etc. This
way I can just copy it from one main source file directly into the
next and modify accordingly.

On 6/24/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> I know. I just meant that it's unfortunate that he didn't think of this
> sooner and that even if he had he might not necessarily have been able to
> implement it right then. It might have saved him a lot of frustration and
> headaches.
> We are the Knights who say...Ni!

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