Hi everyone,
Over the past couple of weeks or so I have noticed a number of listers
disregarding some of the general list guidelines in one way or
another. As some of you might be new to the list or just forgot the
guidelines this is to be considered both a reminder and a moderator
warning to please follow all of the list guidelines sent to you when
signing up to the list and that are sent out regularly once a month as
a general reminder of the rules.
Off topic posting. When it comes to sending off topic messages I would
like to remind you that any message considered to be off topic must be
approved by a list moderator, either Raul or myself, before it is sent
to the list. Any off topic posts sent without moderator approval may
result in the poster being placed on moderated status or be banned
depending on how serious the subject matter. So please do not send any
more off topic posts without requesting moderator approval first.
Message size. As many of you may or may not know the way we have the
list setup each message cannot be longer than 10 KB in size unless you
obtain moderator approval such as in the case of something large like
a news letter or Audyssey Magazine. All other posts are suppose to be
properly trimmed containing only your reply plus the original post you
are replying to. Failing to carry out this basic list guideline will
result in your post being rejected by a moderator or be deleted from
the server without question. So consider yourselves forewarned.
Changing subject lines. I've noticed a number of threads where the
subject matter completely changed mid way through the discussion but
the subject line remained the same. Please, remember to change the
subject line of the thread when the topic changes or if you are going
to post something on a new topic. Do not continue to post, and post,
and post using the same subject line when the topic has changed.
Continued abuse of this rule may result in a few less mindful posters
being placed on moderated status until they can learn to practice good
list etiquette.
Lastly, spell checking. Raul and I both know that for many of you that
English is a second language. However, I have also seen posts from
several native English speaking posters with extremely poor spelling
and grammar. Such posts are very difficult to read and follow. While
this is not a guideline per say I would like to request that you guys
please begin spell checking your posts before you post them to the
list. As many e-mail clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express,
Mozilla Thunderbird, etc have fairly decent spell checkers I don't
think that this request is a major imposition for any of you.


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