Media Madness is at 8:00 PM eastern, instead of 9:00 PM eastern, beginning 
today.  Details below.
Another Reminder:
New event!
Beginning tomorrow, July 6th, at 10:00 PM eastern, Julie P. Will host music 
night. This will be a weekly event and will be held in the MP3 Player #1 room.  
We will choose either a decade, a type of music,  one specific  artist or a 
variety evening. Come and join the fun bring along your favorite tunes to play 
or just sit back and enjoy the music.   

Here are the events scheduled for Monday, July 5th:
Media Madness
8:00 PM eastern
Hosted by Erin
Location:  Game Zone
This game will consist of guys against girls, it will have 4 categories of 6 
questions each, and then a final round.  Each category will have 2 2 point, 2 4 
point and 2 6 point questions.  The categories will be fairly general such as 
80's tv comedies, directors of romance movies.  The types of media will be tv, 
containing such things as commercials, cartoons, comedies, dramas, soaps, 
reality tv and more.  There will also be movies, actors and actresses, 
producers, directors, movies, books and much, much more.  This event will be 
held the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.



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