Hi all Apple II fans! We are moving, and I am finding that I am less interested 
in my Apple IIGS and disks. I would like to sell it, accessories included for 
about $300. Included is a color monitor, Echo II Speech, the main GS itself, 
over 200 disks most with Textalker for DOS installed and some with Textalker 
for ProDOS, lots of games including Battleship, Hangman, Oregon Trail, 
Kidnapped, APH training diskettes, Lettertalk Plus, Music disks, special 
utilities, Lessons in using the echo II, a special disk from SoftTape that with 
the right equipment allows you to do voice recordings, some wacko programs I 
wrote when I was ten years old for fun, EchoWords, Words and Words Pro, a 
spellchecking disk, Talking Typer, Programming Basic manuals disks, two floppy 
five in a quarter drives, one 3 and a half floppy disk drive, keyboard, BBS 
disks to access networks from dial-up modems, and all the wires you need for it 
to run. If you are interested, please get back to me via lo...@braillesoft.net 
and we can make payment and delivery arrangements. Thanks.
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