Hi everyone,
As some of you might know I have been working on trying to create some
super hero and super villain names for future USA Games titles. So I
went online and found some random name generators for ideas. Some of
the results are hilariously funny. The names presented here are
randomly selected by the generator. The funny comments are mine. Enjoy
reading and laughing as you see this list of randomly generated names
in no particular order.

Toxic Wind---A super villain with a seriously bad gas problem. Kills
his victims by farting them to death.
Mistress Lad---The world’s first cross-dressing super hero. Can’t make
up his mind if he is a boy or a girl.
Cyborg Alien---An unknown alien super villain who was assimilated by
the Borg, and tried an unsuccessful solo career on Star Trek Next
Girl Man---It’s a boy. It’s a man. No it’s Girl Man. The world’s one
and only she-male super hero.
Rush Man---A Flash wannabe with absolutely no imagination what so ever.
Atomic Gut---A super villain who ate too much bad Mexican food, and
now suffers from a chronic case of diarrhea. And blames his problem on
Taco Bell.
Brain Freeze---A Mr. Freeze wannabe who kills his victims by freezing
their brains, and then storing it in a glass jar.
Killer Cat---Mighty Mouse’s long lost enemy. Was cut from the Mighty
Mouse cartoons because they said he was too scary for children under
the age of 13.
Volt Girl---The only female super villain that can bring some spark
into her arch enemy’s life. Kind of like Superman’s nemesis Live Wire,
but with a lot less class.
Crazy Clown----So you thought the Joker was bad? Well, Batman be ware
Crazy Clown is here. He might look like Bozo, but he is just another
crazy freak running around the streets of Gotham City these days armed
with a machinegun and a clown mask.
Giant Gut—This super villain kills his enemies by sitting on them. He
is so fat the earth shakes when he walks.
- Viral Bullet-This villain is armed with a super weapon that shoots
infected bullets into his victims. Only the super hero, First Aid, can
save them from Viral Bullet.
Bite Shot---This super hero can catch bullets with his teeth. Wow,
wonder how he does that?
\Fake Fraud---This super villain somehow goes around faking frauds?
Isn’t that a fraud in of itself?
Fish Grenade—Aquaman’s long lost enemy. This super villain blows up
his enemies by using underwater grenades.
Xenofrost---A really creepy girl from outer space that likes freezing
people to death. Only Star Fire can save the day this time
Blue Plague---A less known super villain related to Black Plague. Only
not quite as deadly. See him in the next adventure of the Power
Sham Fly---Related to the human fly or so you think.
Vibrogirl---The only woman super hero that can vibrate and shake crime
lords unconscious.
Giggle Toad---This super hero laughs enemy super villains unconscious.
Hahahaha! Ribbit!
Yellow Ice---This super villain freezes his enemies for before peeing on them.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this crazy list of names as I did.
Definitely looks like a list of goofball knock-offs of DC and Marvel
comic heroes and villains. Lol!

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