Hi Charles,
I don’t know. That list of names really reminds me of the kind of
comics in Mad Magazine such as Stuperman and Star Blek. Some of those
comics were so totally warped they had me rolling on the floor
laughing until I cried sometimes. They were absolutely, totally,
ludicrous with some of the kinds of stuff they did.
For example, Stuperman was this really dorky Superman knock-off with a
big hole in one of his boots, a big toe sticking out, his outfit
looked wrinkled and warn inside out, and some of the stuff he did in
the comics was nuts.  In one comic he tried to help this farmer milk
his cows, and after he couldn’t get any milk the farmer informed him
that was one of his bulls. It was totally insane stuff like that which
was beyond nuts.
In Star Blek they made a spoof of the classic Star Trek characters
such as Captain Jerk, Mr. Sparks, Dr. Real McCoy, and so on. I
remember this one comic where Snotty tries to transport Captain Jerk
back to the Enterprise and every time he does Captain Jerk kept
getting screwed up during transport. Things like his hands, feet,
arms, legs, etc would keep getting put in the wrong place. In one
transport his head ended up sticking out of Captain Jerk’s butt. As I
said those comics were absolutely nuts.
Now, given that list of game characters I posted to the list could you
imagine an RPG game based on those characters. That would be
absolutely ludicrous. It would be like a game straight out of Mad
Magazine that’s for sure. I don’t think Kingdom of Loathing could
compare in terms of absolutely warped content. Lol!

On 7/20/10, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Everyone:  And this is a guy who we are awaiting a game from??  Sheesh!  It
> shows a rather warped mind.  This, of course, means that we should be on the
> lookout for what is to come.  Maybe a warped sequel will be MOTW?  Mysteries
> of Thomas Weird.  Hmm.  I wonder if this will bring about something really
> odd in the form of another one of those, and I quote, "games we'd like to
> play".
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> Shepherds are the best beasts!

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