Greetings to all,
I have decided to start a bgt tone_synth contest.
I have been recently messing around with the waveform tone making
system that comes with bgt, which is a new scripting language designed
to program audiogames, which is now in its preorder phase but tones
can be scripted and converted to wave files as normal, with no demo

The idea is to create a tune, as simple or as complicated as you wish. The tune
can have chords or single notes, with multiple or single waveform
types, and can
be any length. When your tune is finished you can then create a wave file of
your composition.Please note that this is not an instrumental synth, but
rather a waveform synth. This means that the sound output produced will be
similar to that of an older game console. The three basic waveform types
supported are sine, square and sawtooth.When creating a tune, lengths
can either be specified in beats, or in milliseconds by using the ms methods.
When specifying the length in beats, the synth will automatically calculate the
appropriate milliseconds to use based on the tempo property, which specifies
beats per minute.

Here's a template tone file to get you started:

The contest I'm organizing will have prizes for the best 3 tones which
wil be judged by me and possibly others.
The first prize winner will have access to one of approximately 120
ripped mainstream games sound effects collection.
They will also have a custom ringtone made for them.
Second and third prize winners will also get a custom tone.

Here are my tone maker creations. Use them as examples.
The new template format is recommended. Inside the template folder
you'll find files like melody.bgt, chords.bgt, bass.bgt. If you don't
need one, don't include it. z.bgt is the main file. To generate a wav,
just run the z.bgt file and all the notes inside your includes will be
converted to wave.
Examples link
Submit your tone creations to either in mp3 or bgt code.
The deadline is august 5th and the winner will be anounced on aug 10th.

To download bgt, visit and go to the software page.
If you like programming and would like to create audiogames with this
powertul tool, please consider preordering, though you don't need to
for this contest.

I hope you enjoy this contest and that we get good bgt tones going!

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