There won't be any actual spoilers contained herein, this is a request
for spoilage not a provision of such.

I've been playing Legacy for a couple of hours, I'm on chapter 6, and
I've got the first 2 codes. This 3rd keypad is driving me insane! I've
examined the keypad, so I know about the plaque above it. I trawled a
significantly long way back through the chapter to doublecheck I'd
remembered Juliet's birthday correctly, and to my annoyance discovered
that I had indeed done so.

So, given that I've tried literally everything surrounding these clues
that I can think of, I'm sucking it up and asking if anybody knows the
code to the 3rd keypad. Feel free to, in fact I'd advise you to, drop
me a mail off list if you're planning to put me out of my misery. If
you do reply on list, please be sure to do a gigantic spoiler space,
because not everyone is going to be as dim as me and I really wouldn't
want to ruin this game for them.

Cheers in advance,

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