Hi Charles,
Smile. That's why I sent the post. I figureed that most people who
were doing it did so without knowing what they were doing. I've been
on mailing lists for about 15 years and know that many moderators
frown upon cc and bcc posts, but didn't know why until I became a list
moderator myself.  Once I did I discovered cc messages tend to become
undelivered messages in the moderators inbox that need to be approved,
rejected, or deleted based on the cc/bcc addresses that are usually
non-member addresses by the moderator. Sometimes I can just approve
the message and it will go through the queue just fine. However,
tonight was a different story.
Some one sent a message to the list and had at least 10 addresses in
the cc field. I approved the message but mailman kept sending the
message back to me with error codes because it didn't know where to
send the message to.So I pretty much said "forget it" and deleted the
message from the queue resolving the problem. Thing is all of that
could have been avoided if the person in question had sent the message
to the list directly rather than putting the Audyssey address in the
cc field with several other cc addresses. Thus I felt it was high time
to tell the list that doesn't work very well, and causes everyone


On 9/9/10, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Thanks for letting us know.  I hadn't even thought about it, and may have
> occasionally done just that.
> ---
> Shepherds are the best beasts!

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