Hi Alfredo,
Take my word for it the unnoficial version Hayri announced on Friday
had some bugs in it I fixed over the weekend so I highly recommend
uninstalling the unofficial version and upgrade to the official
release of beta 14.
As to what I fixed I adjusted some parameters which fixed the sound
volume of various sounds in the game, fixed the problem where the r
key doesn't announce the current room/area, as well as a few other
bugs here and there. When beta testing always, always, always use the
most stable and official release of the software. Especially if you
plan to report bugs that might have already been addressed/fixed.
This is why I am still extremely furious at Hayri forleaking that beta
in the first place. There are still people like you who are still
running an old, unofficial, less stable build of my game for
absolutely no reason. You shouldn't even have that version in the
first place.
The next time someone does an end runaround on me like that again I'll
quit producing public betas. If people are so impatient they can't
wait for an official announcement then they don't deserve to have
public betas. I will not put up with childish, impatient, people who
don't have enough respect to wait for an official announcement that
might contain important information. It just gulls me to no end I even
have to answer a post like this one like what is the difference
between the unofficial release and the official release when I didn't
give you permission or the go ahead to download the unofficial
releasein the first place. So as far asI am concerned I'll answer no
more questions about the unnoficial version. If you or anyone else
downloaded it and have problems with it it is your problem not mine.
That's what happens to people who do what they aren't suppose to do.

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