Tom:  I have been playing the beta using speakers instead of a headset.  Now, 
using a headset, I hear what everyone is talking about as far as where the 
sound is indicating that monsters, statues, ropes, and other stuff is.  They 
stay right or left, don't move, and then jump to the center with one more step. 
 I'm confused on something.  Is this due to our sound cards and speaker 
configurations being old technology?  If so, what do we need and what is the 
approximate cost of getting it?  And, what about our operating systems and 
processors?  I know that I am using old stuff.  Windows XP home, a 1.9 gig 
Pentium 4 processor on a machine that was built in 2002 that still works fine 
for my needs.  I haven't tried the beta on my laptop PC as of yet, and really 
don't want to, because it is a work related machine.  If something messes it 
up, that would be the pits, and not the fire pits of MOTA, either!

Shepherds are the best beasts!
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