Hi Muhammed,
Well, to answer your question, I'd have to say it takes a lot of skill
to program and produce games. Especially if we are talking about
programming them from scratch as I do. If you have ever tried Philip
Bennefall's BGT Toolkit that's getting off pretty easy to put it
First you have to know a programming language like C++, and know it
fairly well before even thinking about games. Then, you have to learn
how to use any number of APIs such as OpenAL or DirectX to include
them in your game. That takes quite a while to learn in of itself.
Depending on the type of game you will most likely have to have some
skill in geometry, trig, and calculous. Basic algebra is essential for
any programming as you will be doing very common Algebra type
calculations like
z = x+y
when programming. If you aren't exactly great at math then programming
games isn't necessarily for you, and that's just the basics.
There is a whole world of programming theory and techniques a person
can learn. I by no means know it all, but if you want to delve into
something like artificial intelligence that is an unbelievably indepth
programming subject in of itself. There have been dozens of volumes
written on that very topic alone. So you tell me if programming games
takes skill. Grin.

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> Hi Thomas,
> How much skill does it take to program a game?
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