Hi Scott,
To be honest I am not sure what the FPS version will sound like once I
convert it over to the new engine and actually test it with OpenAL,
but it stands to reason it will likely sound better since that is what
OpenAL's 3d rendering was designed for. I do believe the problem is
that we are attempting to take an audio system designed for 5.1
surround sound audio and produce a simple 2d pan effect with it in the
side-scroller. The results of that failed attempt pretty much speak
for themselves.
I don't find that too surprising, because clear back in December when
I was beginning to convert the game engine from .Net to C++ I took a
serious look at FMOD by Firelight Technologies. I created a test
application in 3d using FMOD where I walked around a big room
listening to things and the audio outpit was awesome. When I tried to
pan sounds using its pan setting it didn't sound quite right. It
didn't sound quite like DirectSound and I did get complaints back then
about panning being off, but the 3d audio was dead on.
I am hoping and even assuming the same is true for OpenAL. The FPS
version may sound good using the 3d audio features of OpenAL, but 2d
stereo panning just doesn't quite cut it. If worst comes to worst and
the FPS version doesn't sound good with OpenAL I'll invest in FMOD
because I know its 3d audio rendering is first rate and FMOD is


On 10/9/10, Scott Chesworth <scottcheswo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Tom, quick question for you.
> The difference in panning in MOTA Beta 14 and the reasons for it have
> been, um, shall we say thoroughly covered. Forgive me if I've missed
> it, but I haven't yet seen anybody discussing how the new setup will
> work for the FPS version. I guess what I'm asking is, are the current
> jumps across the stereo field that people are struggling with only
> occuring because you're having to try and find the common ground
> between a 2d audio landscape and a panning system that was designed
> exclusively for realism in 3d maps?
> I'm hoping that the answer to this will be that the FPS version will
> sound more natural whenever it's ready to be rolled out. Seems logical
> to assume given all the cool sounding stuff that's still happening on
> consoles, but I thought I'd check for sure. Call me a maverick, but
> I'm trying to make panning and positivity fit into the same sentence
> lol!
> Cheers
> Scott

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