It is very ture that to beat many high level AI a mroe passive/newbish approach works better. A friend of mine demonstrated that once playing Tekken 3 on the highest difficulty- none of the combo would work, yet all he'd have to do is stand there, block like mad and use one single kick button at the right moment to win lol. And I remember this one time I was annoyed at King of fighters 98's highest difficulty, and one of my buddies, who never played the darn thing before, picked up the controller and basically just used punch and kick, no combo, no special, and made it almsot to the last stage before getting killed rofl. The funny part about that is, in a real street fight, often what you learn in martial art classes don't work- the simpler your approach, the better your chance of winning the fight- don't try to pull off a black belt karate kada when you can just boot the guy in the groin lol.

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