Hi Zack,
Oh, I intend on reporting my findings to the SFML developers as I
think they need to investigate this problem further.  As I have
mentioned several times the game doesn't crash like this on Linux at
all. In fact beta 16 runs extremely good on Linux. Recompile it for
Windows using MinGW and we get that weird error where the system blue
screens and restarts. I recompiled the engine with Visual Studio 2008
Pro this morning and it told me the error was in sfml-window.dll. So
whatever the bug is Windows absolutely hates it, and it forces a
system to restart. If it were not for this blue screen problem I'd
just stick with SFML for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Of course, there is SDL, which I could use instead of SFML, but I've
never been all that impressed with it.
For one thing SDL Mixer is not in the same league as OpenAL or
DirectSound. When it comes to virtual 3d audio SDL Mixer's
Mix_SetPosition function is barely mor than simply controlling the
sound's pan and volume settings. It is far from realistic, and just
doesn't render the same effect as what OpenAL or DirectSound can do.
Add in the fact there are no custom DSP effects, no way to control the
sound's pitch, it is not really that great for rendering audio. It is
fine for some games like STFC, SoundRTS, or whatever but not for the
kind of engine I'm working on.
Then, we have the issue of input. Ever since I switched to SFML for
keyboard input I have been constantly bombarded by people wanting to
know why they can't runn and pick up items at the same time. Neither
SDL or SFML will allow them to do that because keyboard input is
handled completely different. I believe that most Windows users would
prefer DirectInput as they will stop asking me about fixing the
keyboard input which doesn't work they way they think it should.


On 10/29/10, Zachary Kline <zkl...@speedpost.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Is it perhaps worth reporting the bug you've found to the sfml developers?
> I would absolutely hate to have to go through the extra work of
> maintaining two separate versions of the game engine unless there was
> absolutely no chance of getting the underlying problem in the
> cross platform library solved.
> Best,
> Zack.

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