Hi Will,
I kind of find that surprising coming from you since you are one of
the Mac OS supporters. You of all people know the importance of
getting a cross-platform engine and games out there on the market for
the blind community. I'm one game developer that whole heartedly
believes in a persons right to freedom of choice.
Anyway, as I've said many times on list already the cross-platform
version of the game is personally motivated and not commercially
motivated. I don't always use Windows, and I consider it my second
operating system and not my primary operating system. As a result my
priorities are vastly different from the huge Windows market out there
that have a GMA Tank Commander, Shades of Doom, Sarah, and dozens of
other good games for their platform of choice. What high quality
accessible games do we non-Windows users have?
As I have also said before it is not because Linux or Mac OS are bad
operating systems. Quite the contrary both have a lot to offer a VI
computer user. The access on both operating systems is rapidly
catching up with Windows accessibility and now is the time people have
a real choice in the software they want to use on their computer. VI
computer users are no longer bound to owning and using Microsoft
Windows because it is "the most accessible option out there," nor are
we forced into paying hundreds of dollars on a screen reader like Jaws
or Window-Eyes. For the first time in history companies like Cononical
and Apple have addressed accessibility issues by incorperating a full
fledged screen reader, magnification software, etc into the operating
system itself saving us hundreds of dollars in access software alone.
All of this is well and good, but the majority of game developers, and
some users, are of a "just release it for Windows" mentality. They are
far too willing to surrender their rights to choice for convenience
sake. If I were not so passionate about this maybe I would cave into
popular opinion, but I am passionate about this. I really believe we
all have a right to have not only accessible games, but they should be
available for Mac OS and Linux just as they are for x number of
Windows users. Of course, that isn't going to happen, because there
are far too few developers that have a personal stake in the matter or
the skills to do what I do.
Sadly far too many accessible game developers have chosen to take a
strictly Microsoft path, and have adopted proprietary languages like
Visual Basic. Until they begin writing their games in Python, Java, or
maybe C++ there never can be games for other platforms. That's why I
have chosen to take a personal stand against that very problem.


On 10/29/10, william lomas <lomaswill...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> i'd have just ignored cross platform really and just finish it up and
> release the game, since another year has gone without the full release of
> this title

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