Hi Dark,
No problem. It seams my last post confused a lot of people as to the
status of things right now, and I didn't make myself clear. A lot of
people are unaware of the fact since December or so I have been
writing the majority of the Genesis Engine and MOTA on a Linux system,
and then porting the code to Windows 7. Not the other way around.
In fact, I got an e-mail this morning from a concerned gamer who was
under the assumption I'd have to write two completely new game
engines. that's certainly not what I meant in my prier post, but
that's how he took it. The fact is there is already a Linux engine
using SFML 1.6, developed at the same time as the Windos engine that
uses DirectX, and the Windows engine that uses DirectX. Both of these
engines already exists, and are more or less stable. Right now all I
want to do is modify a few things to make some of the class methods
between the two different engines more compatible so I don't have to
change anything in the MOTA source code to compile it with either game
As for there having been a million rewrites perhaps it looks that way
from the outside, but in actuality that is a misconception. From the
beginning I wrote the Genesis Engine in C# .NET, and the majority of
development has been done in that language. In late 2008 I did a
partial port from .NET to Java to see how MOTA might run using Java,
and I wasn't overly thrilled with the results so went back to .NET.
However, in December 2009 I began converting everything to C++, and
that is the first and only time I have done a complete rewrite of the
game and source code.
If I might forward an explanation for the confusion here I'm the kind
of person who likes to think outloud so to speak. I tend to openly
discuss my ideas, discuss different options/possibilities I'd like to
try, etc and sometimes that confuses people who don't really know what
I'm talking about or what I am saying really means.
For example, let's say I were going to replace SFML with DirectX.
Right off the bat a non-programmer might assume this is some complex
task, requiring weeks of work, and that I'd have to rewrite my engine
to do it. The reality is only certain classes in the engine that
handles input, audio, networking, etc would have to be rewritten. Yes,
it would certainly take a couple of days to do it, but not weeks or
months of work. Definitely nothing as difficult as rewriting the
entire engine from scratch would take.
However, in my openness to say what is exactly going on, why this or
that is taking time, it sounds like I'm doing a lot more rewrites etc
than necessary. In reality I'm probably just thinking about upgrading
or modifying a certain section of the engine or game. Not necessarily
rewriting the entire thing from scratch.


On 10/30/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi tom.
> appologies, I wasn't actually aware the lynux port of the engine was in so
> much a finished state anyway and only required miner upgrades to lynux
> specific rather than cross platform components, that does indeed put things
> in a rather different light.
> As regards the Lynux issue generally, I do very much take the point that for
> a lynux user (such as yourself), there are few available accessible games
> and making more of them is a distinctly good idea.
> However from what you initially said, I got the impression that this meant a
> lot of additional work (certainly more than a week), on a lynux port.
> as i said I do understand the point of this, however it has sometimes
> appeared that Mota and the genesis engine has gone through about a million
> rewrites in various languages. I certainly wouldn't call this goofing off,
> sinse I do have an idea of the work involved, but I will freely admit that
> sometimes I have felt that Mota's developement has been more involved with
> rewriting the existing content of the game than creating new.
> I really didn't intend this to be un pleasant, but I have felt a bit
> concerned about the time management in the developement of Mota.
> Hopefullly, sinse you originally wrote the game on lynux as you said
> (another thing I also admit I wasn't aware of), this shouldn't be as time
> consuming as some of the other rewrites to Mota.
> Looking forward to playing the game.
> all the best,
> Dark.

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