Then again, how many people beat really good chess computer programs? That's why they have different levels of difficulty. I have a battery operated tabletop chess computer game that, according to the box, will beat 99.95 percent of average players. There is absolutely no way that I can currently beat it on the highest difficulty setting. Then again, a Grandmaster would have no trouble doing so.

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Dark, Here's the problem though. Has anyone actually completed any of Philip's games on insane, beta team included? If yes then I congratulate you for a job well done, but if not, we have a problem. especially since some of his games have been out for a really long time. If people can't beat games that have been out for years, This suggests to me that the game is almost unbeatable. In that case, what would be the point of a difficulty so hard that no one can beat? how about his recent games? can any of you claim you've beaten Q9 on insane?

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