Hi Hayden,

Well, the Ladon and the Hydra were both Greek versions of dragons so
we can assume they are at least dragonlike. The Hydra had a number of
abilities like the ability to breath fire, another head could freeze
you to death, and it also could breath out poison to poison you to
death. Kind of like a dragon with some very nasty extra bilities. So
we can assume it probably had scales although nothing is really said
one way or another in the 12 trials of Hercules.

The Ladon on the other hand is more of a triditional dragon. We see it
featured in Jason and the Argonaughts, and from the movie's
point-of-view it is more of a triditional dragon. Although, the actual
Greek legend describes it simply as a giant serpant that breaths
fire. So with a lot of these things the actual nature of the creature
is open to some interpretation.

For example, in the classic NES game, "Battle of Olympus," one of your
tasks is to defeat a Hydra. The way you actually kill/defeat it is
totally different from Hercules method. You get a magic staff that
shoots fire, and you use the staf to hit and burn the creature to
death. Kind of strange, but no other weapon in the game has much
effect on it.

However, In Battle of Olympus the Nemean Lion is more true to the
actual one Hercules faught. You can't kill it with swords, nives,
fire, or anything else. You basically just have to beat it to death
with the club.Although, Hercules actually knocked it out with the club
and strangled it to death, but that is a small and miner deviation
from the story.

Here is another example. In Titan Quest one of the major boss battles
involves a conflict between you and the tthree gorgon sisters,
Euryale, Medusa, and Stheno. Now, strictly speaking the only reason
Medusa could be slane is she got crosswise with Athena, and Athena
turned Medusa into a mortal. Her other sisters, Euryale and Stheno,
were immortals and could not be slane by any mortal blade. Titan Quest
seams to overlook that fact and you can pretty much take out all three
with standard weaponry. No special weapons etc needed. Vidio games and
movies do this kind of thing all the time to balance out difficulty.
If you had to actually battle two immortals with standard weaponry
then obviously it would end up in a slotter with you on the losing

<hdpres...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Muhammed,
> No real point in doing that. I'm not even sure the Hydra was scaled.
> Best Regards,
> Hayden

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