Actually, I will say the pa account comes in handy for the event changing, and also the use of the gbm to post contracts.

As i recall, without the pa account, bad events can be quite a pest, though certainly nothing major.

also, this means two extra fuel per tick, which, with a level 5 engine means 17 fuel every 15 mins, so literally unlimited fuel.

The thing I enjoy most in Ce, is wandering around, completing missions and looking for random stuff. so, I've decided this time to mix a litle mining in with that combat. Both use scan tech skills, both use device skills, both use drone skills, both require reactors eventually to boost ship energy.
so, i bought some mining skill so that I can use variety of mining lasers.

I also got some more points in energy which will help when i start looking for salvage.

Last time I went with kinetic weapons, but I really had to push to get them doing enough damage, where as energy seems far more efficient.

I may have to sacrifice part of the skill, eg, not refine my own ore, but there are players who can do that if needs be, and refining isn't as interesting to me as the general scan and mine process.

Pluss, i don't plan on using combat missiles.

I might well have to have two sets of equipment to switch in and out, a mining set and a fighting set, but this wouldn't be too bad.

Of course, it might be that I'll find I can't be successful at both things at once but that's what Ip resets are for.

Previously I basically went pure combat pluss hawling but that left me doing the same thing much of the time, basically flying around on long runs, alternating betwene bits of fighting and it'd be nice to have at least some choice.

Of course, I might entirely fail at this, in which case that's what Ip resets are for.

Beware the Grue!


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