Hi, all. I've been working on the first mission of TDV, taking out the training grounds and power plant. I was curious if anyone had suggestions of mile ranges for successful utilization of missiles, as I've found that it varries. For instance, with some targets like the battleship and gard tower, which appear to be stationary, it seems as though you can lock on at the missile's maximum range of fifteen miles and still destroy them. By contrast, when attempting to take out other targets like SAM batteries, you have to be under ten miles away to likely destroy them. It would make sense that the closer you are, the more llikely to hit your target, but of course you have to contend with missiles being launched at you. This doesn't seem to apply with cruise missiles, which makes sense, as it's an active radar guided weapon, whereas the conventional missile is semi radar guided. It may be that a missile's success or failure to hit is random because of this fact, but any tips on taking out ground-based targets is appreciated.

Those who have completed the game may have different thoughts on this, but I was wondering if a save feature could be implemented during mission mode to return to where you left off. Once I was lucky and took out the battleship and all SAM batteries and guard towers reaching the island, needing to use all missiles and cruise missiles to do so and docking with the refueler to rearm. However, getting to this point took around 40 minutes or so, which naturally is far longer than a typical racing or deathmatch mode required to gain mission mode. A save feature may already be in consideration, but I thought it would be useful.


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