Hi guys,
I was wondering if any of you could create any Narnia games? Basically what 
happens in the film well Narnia and her men fight to the death. I'll explain 
the stages and you could make your decision. Well, the first part of the film I 
watched is the king cuts the prince's hand off with this knife to reincarnate a 
witch. Then after that what happens is they go to battle.

So, when they're at battle, they start to fight each other with swords, bow's 
and other stuff that helps them. In the other part of the film, this young 
girl, about 17 or 18 goes to knock some people off a horse. So, she springs 
towards, I mean walking to them, and she starts to fire some arrows. So, then 
what happens after she has killed a few naughty little beests, some dude knocks 
her over. Fortunitly, this young man, I think comes to her rescue.

The young man gets rid of the enemy, and I think Narnia fancies him. Then, I 
thought this is the part we could play in. This young chap, about at 17 or 18 
has to fight this old man. Basically, I thought of some defence techniques. You 
could use either weapon in this battle, sword or sheeld. The reason I say 
sheeld is because the young dude whacks the sheeld and the fully grown man 
receives a smack in his face, wouldn't that be nice, lol!

Then what happens at the end of the battle, is the good dude wins. But I 
thought you guys could make  like a fight. Your up arrow, down left and right 
could be to swing your sheeld, and the b key to block attacks. Then also I 
forgot, maybe we could have a fight with the evil witch at the first part. 
Then, the goodys and the bad people go and fight. I'll tell you who's in the 
good gang. Centaurs, humans, dwarfs, and ratkins, rat like people.

So, they use the tortus technique and the balister technique in combat. Then, 
while the girl is on her horse, if I'm correct on that, one of the bad soldiers 
are on the back of the horse. This lyan comes charging at the soldier, and the 
soldier falls. Maybe this could be a cutscene. Then, I thought this could be 
the final part of the game. The bad people run away from the good people, as 
the good people are powerful, and nere the water, they come charging at the 
lyan. Then, this man made out of water comes out, and he teaches the fools a 
lesson, by killing them. Then, the young chap could fight the bad people with 
the others, and if he loses, well, he loses, but if he wins, the baddies 
scrender. But I've thought that you guys could make the game more challenging, 
by the young chap fighting the king. Any thoughts?
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