Thanks Thomas!  For all the useful information.  I just downloaded the
beta of the BG Toolkit.  Now, we'll just have to see whether I have
the patience for this.  A friend tried to teach me Python once and I
managed to do the beginner exercise where you get "hello world!" to
show up on the screen, but that was the extent of my venture into
programming.  I don't know what the laws are regarding making games,
but I was wondering if I could try to make accessible versions of the
ones I used to play as a kid with sighted help.  If I do go through
with this, being an entrepreneur isn't my gameplan, just making games
that appeal to me and sharing them with the community if they are into
the genres I like, lol.
Things from the MECC (maybe it's the Learning Company now) were what I
enjoyed, like the Oregon Trail and the Amazon Trail.  I remember the
developers who made Freedom Millionaire were going to make Freedom
Trail but as far as I know, that didn't ever pan out.  So I'd like to
take a crack at a game simulating the westward movement someday.
Anyway, I'm hoping that I'll have more patience this time around, and
actually do more than Hello World!
I actually haven't tried the game you mentioned (Mysteries of the
Ancients?)  I'll have to give it a shot.  I have been trying various
ones all day to see which ones might suit.  Soundoku (I found it
maddening to keep track of all those numbers in my head, still not
sure how everyone else manages it), BG Crossword (Lol it makes me
realize just how little knowledge I possess), and Mud Splat (a great
game, and a bit addicting but may get dull soon!).  So any and all
game recommendations are most certainly welcome.  Free or for pay, I
don't mind which, so long as they have some replay value and are a bit
more than hack and slash.

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