Hi Jacob
Thanks for the  dice rolling program, but it doesn't give me a randomly
generated result,  it  always gives number  4 as result.
I unzipped the 2 files and placed them in my phone memory, in the route
folder . In file manager,  I hit select on index.htm.
I hear the dice rolling sound.
I leave minimum at 1 and I  press ok.
I leave maximum at 6 and I press ok.
It gives me number4 each time.
I did this 20 times and each time  it gives me number4.
And I have to exit the window with key2 each time  and then hit select on
index htm again which is nothing major.
If you have spare time on your hands, its much appreciated if you can have a
look into this.
Many thanks.
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Ok, this is sort of something meant to test for a little while, but here's a

link to download an offline version of the dice rolling page off my website:

Just sent it to my N82, unzipped the 2 files to their own folder I created 
in the phone's memory, and when I then went there in file manager and hit 
select on index.htm, it did play the dice rolling sound, ask me for minimum 
and maximum values (defaulting to 1 and 6), and then told me the randomly 
generated result.

Not sure if this would work on all phones as such, but anyway - it's 
basically just plain HTML, making use of javascript as such, FWIW, and if 
you have these on your own phone, it will work offline/free as such.


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