First, I would like to say I am sick and tired of all the rumors going around 
about TDV. It started with people saying I was handing out free copies, and now 
this. Muhammed, I am shocked by your initial post to this list and I do not 
appreciate having stuff I tell you on MSN being taken out of context. I know it 
is generally considered "disrespectful" to call out people on public mailing 
lists but personally, right now I don't really care. You have caused enough of 
an argument here and this is just one more rumor I will have to deal with, so 
thanks a lot.

Now, to answer the question. If you don't agree with the pricing, you don't 
have to buy the game, end of story. Several people have bought it and are 
satisfied with their purchases. The lack of one or two sales will not hurt the 
company now as much as it would have, say, two months ago, and this is largely 
because of the people who have consistently supported the project, so my 
personal thanks go out to you.

If you really believe the price tag forces the customer to pay for "mistakes," 
then you are pretty misinformed about the project's development. Although, 
Muhammed's statement probably left you with no choice but to think this way.

There is a difference between a hobbiest developer and a true business. BPC is 
the latter. The customer ultimately pays to invest money back into the business 
to support future projects. If I really factored in how many hours went into 
coding, debugging, etc, the cost would over run $500.00 per copy. So stop with 
the rumors and Muhammed, stop trying to act like BPC's spokesperson. This is 
not the first time you have done such a thing and I am getting really, really 
tired of you constantly putting me and the rest of the team in this sort of 
Munawar A. Bijani
BPCPrograms, LLC
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