Hi Munawar and all,

I thought of a grate idea. I haven't even seen a game like this in the blind 
gaming industry. How about if we have another aircraft game? This is not a 
fighting game. Its all peaceful. You are a pilot which works in British 
airways, and your job is to take the passengers to Grease. Ok, you have to take 
off the jumbo your self from the ground. So, the runway spans 2 miles in all 
directions. You fly into the air. Your flying the aircraft, you have a spare 
pilot next to you when you get tired like at 12 a clock UK time, then you have 
to follow the turning sounds. How ever, once you reach Germany, things start to 
get bad. You have noticed that other aircrafts are flying towards other 
countries with passengers. So, once you reach jersey, what really happens is 
that plains are flying around. The plains don't go chasing you as though if 
they want to kill you, all you have to do is avoid them by going in 1 direction 
for a time. Then, you go back into possession and you are flying. Once you 
reach Grease, what really happens that is that you have to go to the airport. 
You have to follow the sound of plains. The reason is that other plains are 
going to land, aren't they? Once you reach Grease, they won't fly in your 
direction. They'll fly in a different direction, in fact, far, far away from 
you. So, when you reach the airport, you here the crew say, please fasten your 
seatbelts. Then you say that you are going to land, and the beacon is 4 miles 
away from you. You have to start to land when the beacon is like at 3 miles. 
You'll of course fly always to Germany, and the plain avoiding is until you 
reach Grease. Also, when you've landed, it doesn't end. You've got to make sure 
that your securely on the runway, then shut down the engine and wait for the 
passengers to get off, then the winning scene!

This question was really directed to Munawar, but your opinions are welcome.

Also, another thing, in fact 2 things, they'll fly around to other countries in 
every country you go until Grease, and also, the game could also be random. One 
time your flying to Grease, the other one, your pilot is unconscious! The next 
time, your plain is on fire and when your plain is on fire, you have to jump 
out with a parachute and land on the ground with the other passengers. For the 
unconscious pilot, you have to do an emergency landing. For the fire one, also 
you have to land in water, on a road or grass. This  is all random. 
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