There were 303 thread titles. Here are the top 50. Is Bavisoft Still Around? 79. Creating Accessible Star Wars Games 67. SSFIV online match 44. Creating game levels to scale? 40. Some Extremely Sad News 39. mysteries of the syth 35. audio game maker 32. River Raiders 32. Short Mysteries of the Sith Preview 32. game objects in memory 28. mysteries of the sith 28. bgt registration 23. Registration features of BGT 23. star wars 23. BGT / Gamepad support? 20. registration of self destruct 20. Color idenfitying program 19. Last Chance to Save on Three-D Velocity! 19. Response From Bavisoft To My Inquiry 19. a tweet from papa 18. starwar game questions 18. Mysteries of the Ancients News 17. Audyssey? 16. papasangre and itouch 3g 16. An X-Sight Interactive Question 15. My future TeamTalk server 15. Upcoming BGT 1.0 Release 15. You don't know Jack demo 15. Iphone's Used on List 14. Laser in Q9? 14. Q9 1.2 Released! 14. Urgent help, headphone problem 14. Audyssey babble report for November 2010 13. Conceiving Level Maps 13. soul calibur IV character selection screen 13. Accessibility Article 12. egg hunt, pigeon panic and super shot 12. Moderated status for Chastity? 12. Need Street Fighter IV help 12. (no subject) 11. An interview about Papa Sangre on the radio 11. FW: Empires & Dungeons 2 - News! 11. GMA sound function was Creating game levels to scale? 11. Papa Sangre tutorial 11. Something incredible in the pipeline. 11. The old Pb-games 11. Writing with Inform 11. Bananagrams anagram tile game 10. BGT Licensing 10. Christmas News 10.

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