Think about this:  You have a digital TV at home.  A remote control box 
operates it.  Are the buttons labeled in braille?  Does the remote speak when 
you press a button?  Now, you are totally blind and nobody else is at home.  
You want to watch channel 32 and don't know what channel the TV is tuned to.  
What do you do?  You cannot see the TV screen to see what channel is tuned to.

Now, you have an I-Phone and want to play a game that isn't very complex.  Can 
you do it, even though the buttons aren't labeled?  Probably not the first time 
you try, so what's your next step?  Maybe you could get a sighted person to 
tell you which buttons do what when pressed, and memorize them for future use.  
Maybe you could just press them and see what they do.  I would prefer the first 
approach, but it isn't always available.  If you know other totally blind 
people who do play the game successfully, you could ask them how they do it.  
This, too, is a good approach.

By the way, were you able to change your TV to the channel you wanted to watch? 
 Remember, those buttons probably are not labeled.

Laughter is the best medicine, so look around, find a dose and take it to heart.
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