You know, it is comments exactly like yours that people don't like to
create games for the VI community. When a certain title doesn't appear
on the spot, immediately on demand, they resort to name calling, make
false statements, and outright call the developer of said product a
liar. However, since you brought it up I'll answer your question

As far as USA Raceway goes it is still in development. As I have told
you and plenty of others many times before I could create USA Raceway,
Mysteries of the Ancients, or anything else I had to create a game
engine to handle all the low-level stuff such as input, audio,
networking, window management, etc. In short all the common core
features you would normally find in any game. Rather than rewrite all
of that stuff from scratch time and time again I did exactly the same
thing Philip Bennefall is doing and wrote a game engine called Genesis
3D, G3D, which will aid me in producing games much quicker and will
aid me in upgrading and maintaining games throughout the lifetime of
the product or products.

So why isn't USA Raceway done? Think about it a moment. If I have just
spent something like two years writing the Genesis 3D Engine, spent
some time working on Mysteries of the Ancients, where have I had the
time to produce and release a demo of Raceway?

Finally, you are forgetting something else. Sounds, music, acting, etc
doesn't come for free unless you pirate it. Since I'm not about to
pirate my material for Raceway that means I'm going to have to sell
Mysteries of the Ancients in order to raise the money to acquire
better sounds etc for Raceway. The sounds and music James North gave
me are not very high quality. Actually, they suck if you ask me. You
want crappy music and sounds, or would you rather be patient and wait
for me to do a better job?

Point is calling me a liar, saying the game is a very big lie, is
absolutely unconstructive. You absolutely have no idea how much work
I've put into these projects. You absolutely have no clue how much
pressure people have put on me to produce these projects on some
totally unrealistic time table. If you or anyone else think it is so
dang easy I want you to do it yourself. Yes, I mean learn C++, write
your own fully qualified game engine like BGT or G3D, and then write
two extremely advanced games all in two or three years. Plus on top of
that you need to find time to help raise your son, go to work, eat,
sleep, watch a little TV, read a good book, and find a life while
producing these projects. Does that sound a bit crazy?

Well, it is. People don't think about how crazy it is when they send
me e-mails accuse me of lying, fooling around, goofing off, not
producing a game like Raceway on their own time table, whatever. They
expect me to produce the game on some unrealistic time table, write a
game engine easily as complex as BGT at the same time, forget about my
family life, and spend a good couple thousand on sounds and music too.
Plus I don't want to here a word about the so-called pre orders for
Raceway either. I didn't receive one single penny for Raceway, not a
dime, so the money that was supposed to be raised to produce the game
in the first place doesn't exist. I don't have it. So I have to either
raise the money another way, pay out of my own pocket, and hope to get
my money back when it goes on sale. That's the truth, and if you don't
believe it that's your problem. I've run out of patients with people
like you accusing me of lying and sayingRaceway is a big lie etc.

On 1/21/11, burakyuksek <burakyuksek...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Out of topic but where is USA raceway? Is this developing or is this a
> ver'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'y big lie?
> sevgiler saygilar

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