This idea is really amazing for me. Even if the BGT for few programming maniacs, for me for example it's not that bad, cause it's not toolkit, but it's another programming language to learn. This kind of really vizard or something similar will be interesting, but firstly Thomas, finish your MOTA and another things. I don't want attacking your person with weird words, but for me you shoult finish your projects before starting another. Ofcourse, it's your case, but in that way you'll never finish your games. MOTA is something like 2 or 3 years work, and now shoult be the massive audio game, but sadly it isn't. you are concetrating on changing programming languages, cross platform etc, and this is taking you to anywhere for my opinion.

Back to main topic, for me it's great idea, wich can open many people to game creation without learning scripting and programming languages.



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