Hello all,

        I was just wondering about some of the games for the blind out 
there, and whether they used game strategies like Final Fantasy 7, where 
you could 1) Get the Yuffie character to join the party, 2) get the 
Morph Materia, 3) go down into the submarine and start morphing all the 
monsters into Stat Enhancers, so you could raise the party's stats to 
255 across the board and really kick some monster butt, like Ruby 

        I once spent a good 6 days in that stewpid submarine, morphing 
monsters and feeding them to characters between battles, so I could go 
fight the most powerful monster in the game, the Ruby Dragon.  I loaded 
myself down with Counter-Attack materia and Goat Dolls (to ressurect the 
player in case they got killed), and spent a full hour and 45 minutes 
fighting that stewpid dragon until I finally killed the thing.  Loved 
every minute of it.

        Anyway, I was wondering if any of the games for the vlind have 
those kind of combat strategies available in their play.  I love killing 
time with a good RPG or Role Playing Game) like Square's Final Fantasy 

        Aside from world exploration and exceptional storylines, are 
there any good RPGs out there that are accessible enough to complete, or 
have been written exclusively for the blind?  I'm looking for a really 
good RPG to play.

PS: Got Audio Quake werkin, but still have yet to figure out what 
command line parameters to use to keep the stewpid thing from playing a 
networked game.  I want to use the god cheat code so I can practice 
exploring and target locking on monsters without having to start all 
over again and again, and again, and again.  If anyone remembers the 
dumb command line parameters to begin a normal Audio Quake game without 
all the "connect to some server" crap, I'd really appreciate it. 


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