So... I played some of the Megaman x series. Never much, just a little... but my favorite theme and character has always been zero. Here are a few remixes of his x2 theme, that I can't get enough of. Check em out!

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 version:
Metal Cover:
Random remix on youtube:
And fi
nally, the original SNES theme!

Oh... and one more. For anyone who played the old Street Fighter games, here's a cover of Ken's theme that I played just now. My hands aren't warmed up and I'm not as good at playing as I'd like to be, but I think this was okay, for the most part. I did three playthroughs of it in a row... first and third are both lead... third with me improvising, which failed horribly. lol. Second one was purely rhythm.

The track I'm playing along to is the official track from the HD remix of the game for the ps3 and xbox360. I didn't have a backing track, so I just turned it down and used my stereo mix to record it. Hope people enjoy these.

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