On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 01:03:06PM -0500, Thomas Ward wrote:
> I think the only way we might have a chance at a real console is to 
> retrofit one of the existing consoles, IE install our own operating 
> system on it, and then build games using that platforms APIs.

[My Reply:]
        Hi Thomas,

        That's basically what the developers of the GameShark did with 
the PSX and the new PS1, the latter requiring a disk to be loaded for 
the GameShark card to work.  I'm assuming it re-wrote at least part of 
the Playstation's operating system to get it to recognize the GameShark 
after Sony modified the OS for the PS1.  Then again, I never tried the 
old GameShark in the newer machines.  A "Yaroze" model of the 
Playstation, along with game development software can be had for $800, 
last I'd heard.  Access rights to publish Playstation software might be 
another story once the software had been developed, and might cost an 
arm and a leg.  Adding audio to game menu selections would be a nice 
benefit on some of these fighter games.  I know I'm getting another PS1 
and another copy of Soul Blade and Tekken 3 to mess around with again.  
I used to kick major butt on Soul Blade, and would love to give my 
nephews a run for their money here soon.


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