the menu will frequently give you items twice. this is because the graphics are labeled but are visible after the buttons. you will have 3 items on the very first screen. play, games, and settings. play - for sighted people this is actually called quick play. double tapping this will take you into a basic game by default. you will hear a sort of chime and the music will stop. you can then feel around to see the hi-score or what ever. the start button is always directly above the home key, so turn off voice over and tap that. you will hear a pop and the game will begin. when it ends after the comment and the little bleep type sounds, if you hear a chime, that means you got a hi-score. if you turn on voiceover you can see the score, the number of moves done etc. -games - this bopit actually offers a few modes with variations. going in here will let you view them. you will first have to select solo or multiplayer games, and then you will be presented with what's available. double tapping any mode will start the game in that mode. the start button is always above the home key. -settings - this will let you go into options, read the helpfiles, as well as see the credits and about screen. in options you can disable the end game comments the game gives, turn off shout it (good for iPod touch 3g users if you don't always use the headphones), and toggle between voice (vox bop), and sfx (beat bop) modes for the command giving. if you go into help you will see a tutorial as well as subsections for each command. they are relatively helpful since you do get textual descriptions, and you can tap the "try it" button which won't give you hi-scores and will continue prompting you to do the command you launched try it mode from so you can practice. to stop you tap the same button again. Ok, that pretty much covers the interface. I'll not get into details about the gameplay since that's simple enough. sorry for the long message.

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