I'd say ian humphrey's documentation on his sudoko game explains sudoko in
general very well.
Why put in all the effot to order a Braille book if ian's sudoko
documentation explains it equally well?

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Your question is so broad, there isn't one particular answer that would 
help.  Sudoku is made up of 9 columns and rows of numbers.  The object of 
the game is to arrange them, mostly by filling the blank squares in with 
numbers, so that there is no duplication down a column, across a row, or in 
any diagonal direction.  One way to do this is to fill the grid is each of 3

9 by 9 square grids so that the correct result is the same in each of these 
sections, one by one, then making changes so that the correct result is 
throughout the entire grid.

For a hands on way of solving Sudoku puzzles, you can order a braille book 


that is a good general book on solving these fun number puzzles.

If you are asking how to operate a specific Sudoku program, I would say to 
view the user's guide that came with it for most of your help.  HTH.

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