Guys, Tom, Justin, please just forgive me!
I am really terribly sorry. <sad face.>
I am not joking.
Really guys, I made a big mistake.
I should have let my mom listen to the recording prior to posting it.
I realize that I used harsh words.
I am terribly afraid I will be summonsed for character assassination or that
I will be blacklisted with telkom.
If I need to do a recording to apologize in this way, let me know and I will
do it .It wasn't my intention to assassinate anyone's character.
I can't sleep at night, I am terribly worried.
This was my first recording, I chew off more than I could bite.
I wasn't intending in any way to launch a personal attack.
Please can you guys forgive me and move on?
If tom and Raul decides to ban or moderate me, that's fine, I can handle it
although this is the last  thing I wish.
As long as I am  not going to face a court summons or blacklisting from
telkom, my ISP.
Please forgive me, I learnt from my mistake, definitely!

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