Hi Nicol,

Take it easy bro. Nobody is going to black list you, kick you off the
list, moderate you, or turn you over to the police or anything like
that. You expressed an opinion, and I for one wasn't offended by it.
Everyone has a right to their opinions, personal beliefs, and I've
learned a long time ago to accept that not everyone agrees with me
exactly. So I don't let things like that bother me.

In fact, I've got a pretty thick skin, and haven't gotten where I am
today by crying over every insult or by being offended by every
comment I didn't agree with or like. Trust me when I say I have heard
a lot worse, and have been called names I won't even repete on the
list. When my wife gets angry you should hear her cuss and scream. At
times like that she'll go a bit too far and call me every filthy dirty
name in the book, and then some. Hours later, after she cools off,
she'll apologise. So let's just say I have heard some pretty nasty
insults and your comments don't even come close to my wife's tirades.

Anyway, like I  said forget it. It is no big deal. If you want to play
Mysteries of the Ancients play it. If you don't then don't play it. I
don't care what you think about it. My pride isn't based on what
others think or do not think about my work.


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