hey everyone!
here i come with the menu layout for this fishing game for the psx, i'm
playing it in the emulator, but i have a copy of the game to play with
my ps2, i really like this game, onse you get a fish, it tells you the
size of it, it's weight and more things, and there are voices for most
here's the menus layout
i've also uploaded the rom to my dropbox, so if you guys are interested
in a emulator, just tell

comments appreciated. here's the layout

first screen
1: game:
beginner, tournament, free fishing, vs mode(this option is disabled by default
and it won't even appear if you don't have control 2 plugged in, so
don't count it in the menu if you're playing allone) and monster tournament
after you select a mode, you will choose number of players, same
situation, if there's only 1 person playing, there will be no second
player option. after choosing it, there will be the place select screen,
onse you choose one, you will travel to it and can choose the lure
after that you can fish! happy fishing!
change options's value by moving left or right and change options by
going up and down.
credits: 2 in 2: starts with 3, so if you go right, it would go to 5,
then 7, then 9(maximum) and go back to one.
difficulty: normal, easy, hard. starts in normal
voice starts turned on by default
auto save starts default off
control a
vibration: starts on by default
reel sensitivity: starts with 3, can go up to 5

in game commands: use the analog stick to reel, press x button to cast
the rod, onse the beep starts playing when you're catching the fish,
press r1, l1, so the line won't breaks, and if you want to change the
lure to place press l1 when the pole isn't in the water. first option is
to select wether if you want to change the lure or place, just one of
the options and then press x, and choose what you want again, it's
pretty straightforward.

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