Plot and objection: you're a little elve living on the planet malmac.
You heard all these nasty experiences where doctors burn warts on patients
with dry ice.
You thought you'd better do something about this!
There is many wart pencils on the market that can deliver the same result,
just not that quick, but doctors  don't want to buy that one!
Meaning they don't believe in wart penciles.
So you get into your scifi transport pad and you teleport to planet earth.
IN the nights you teleport into all doctors' rooms with your blast machine.
You move with 3d game movement till you get an object.
X will tell you when an object is a dry ice cylinder.
So if you  have reached one, you fire  away with your blast machine with
spacebar  and blast those dry ice cylinders to bits and pieces!
Only problem is: the dry ice will splat wildly in all directions. if you're
not quick   enough; you might get an overdose of dry ice!
Ouch! that doesn't sound too good. The game gives you 3 lives.
So its: blast, dodge, blast,  dodge.
You teleport back to malmac with a feeling of great satisfaction and a
fantastic score, depending on how many dry ice beasties you managed to
blast. The doctors found the next morning there dry ice cylinders is blasted
to pieces but no one could find the guilty one.
Police scanning the whole place didn't work.
You are back in malmac with a smile of satisfaction.

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