On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 08:14:34PM -0500, Lelia Struve wrote:
> here's the situation, lots of times when I am playing a game, I
> notice my computer fan gets louder, is this something I should worry
> about?

[My Reply:]

        No, you should only worry when your computer starts beeping at 
you or shuts itself down, depending on how your system has been 
programmed to handle overheating.  Some systems will beep at you to warn 
you about it, but the better systems will drop your CPU speeds down in 
an effort to slow things down for you.  More specifically, today's 
computers are designed to increase fan speeds first, in order to cool 
things down.  You should hear my system when it powers up.  It first 
sounds like a 747 is landing on my street, and then drops down so as to 
be barely noticeable, but in the mornings when they system is running 
the daily tasks, running a virus and rootkit check, generating system 
reports,starting a new day's logs, etc., the fan might kick up a notch, 
but nowhere near how it sounds when starting up.  If it ever gets that 
noisy, then I'll know my computer is doing everything it can to cool the 
system down, and too many programs are running, and it's time to give 
the computer less to do.  HTH,


PS: Hopefully Thomas isn't still censoring every bit of my posts and 
this reaches you, but if not, no big loss to me <.shrugs.>

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