Hi Trouble,

Just a little note. Well, it is hard to say how many blind users use
Linux, because not a lot of them are on this list. However, there
seams to be quite a lot over on the Orca mailing list, Speakup mailing
list, Gnome Accessibility List, etc. As a result I have estimated
about 100 blind Linux users online world wide just by reading posts
etc. There may be more possibly less, but it is still a fairly decent
market if a game developer actively courts that market. The trouble is
that game developers often hang out here rather than the Linux
specific lists and there hasn't been any concerted effort to go to the
source and ask about how many VI Linux users there are interested in
playing games. So the trouble with The Braille Soft polll is I know it
has been posted here, but has it been posted to the Linux mailing
lists too?

If not then I doubt Louis will hear back from a number of Linux users
since they don't tend to congrigate on this list. Besides myself I
know Zack, Michael, and a couple of others regularly use Linux but not
many on this list do. However, four or five of us aren't
representative of the entire blind Linux community.


On 3/4/11, Trouble <troub...@columbus.rr.com> wrote:
> Well as far as that goes. Just look at what is being offered now,
> because that is what needs supported.
> In windows would go xp and above, because the rest are not supported
> or even easy to find.
> There are always linix users, but not widely in blind community and
> most ssh or tellnet into it. that is a always changing field and may gain
> more.
> With Apple stuff, you better go for what is going on now. Because
> seen it before from one version to next don't mean the same software
> works. For example screen flow. It worked good in leopard but not
> snow leopard. Now what works on snow leopard may not work on tiger.
> To keep inventing. You have to stay as current with software as much
> as possible, or you get left behind!

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