Plot and objective:
Have you heard that glen miller song, chaganooga choo choo?
Well, its telling of this couple that travels on the chaganooga choo choo
train. Only thing is< the husband just wants to get onto that train; no
matter who is in the way!
 That's why the song says:
Step aside partner, its my day.
Rude, isn't it?
Well, your character, a little green elve has decided to teach this male
traveler some  good manners because he always bumps people  out of the way
telling them
Step aside partner, its my day.
So you decides to take matters into your own hands and teach him a lesson.
If there's one thing that this male traveler is concerned about, is his
shirt buttons .So you decided, armed with your long hook, to rip  off all
his golden shirt buttons the next time he rudely says:
"step aside partner,  its my day.
So you storm down upon him with 3d game movement and you try to rip off as
many precious buttons with your  hook pressing spacebar.
You  have to back off and come back  several times, as he tries to attack
you.  Then things gets worse, you no longer can manage to rip  off  his
shirt buttons.  His attacks gets too  fast!
Now  you get onto the train, disconnect the train whissel, and get back to
the rude traveler and by using shift, give  loud blows on the train whissel
right into his ear, backing off in between and coming back  so that the
traveler screams in pain and anger and storms away, never again traveling on
the chaganooga choo choo!

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