Beat It Extreme

by Mad Games Inc.

Attention, ladies and gentlemen. Are you in a really bad mood? You
know, are you having the kind of day where you want to just kick
someone's butt just because you feel like it? You just want to
sstrangle your next door neighbor because his dog crapped on your side
walk again? Are you angry at the neighborhood kids because they
through a baseball through your front picture window?

 We've got the answer for you. Mad Games Inc. has totally revised the
popular game, Bop It, with a revolutionary new anger based theme. This
handheld device can stand up to hours of pounding and will seriously
take abeating.

Try out the various modes. Slightly angry mode gives you prompts to
punch it, throw it, kick it, and beat it. Very angry mode adds slam
it, smash it, jump on it, and chop it. Extremely angry mode includes
an explode it option that wil detonate this device. Makes a great hand
grenade to throw at your next door neighbor, or your neighbors' kids
when they throw a baseball through your picture window.

Warning! Do not hold this device when explode it is activated. May
cause serious injury or death.However, slip it in your neighbor's
mailbox or your neighbor's trash can and listen to the loud bang.

Mad Games Inc.

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