Plot and objection: 
Your character  is an 11 year old male  patient taken up in a hospital for
all kinds of strange tests.
Your parents had to put you on the train as the hospital is 1000 km from
home and you need to go for all kinds of tests.
This game's objection is to escape out of the 12 floor hospital before a
nurse or sister can grab you and put you back in the bed where the tests
aught to be done.
The game gives you 3 lives, although you are not actually killed but just
captured for tests.
Each time you are captured you will hear some of the tests being done on you
and then lose a life or chance in the game.
this game will immerse you into a world of fast movement and suspense. 
You use 3d game movement to run around the hospital building,  exploring
branching passages.
While running up and down staircases, you will sometimes hear your character
giving a panic gelp.
If you do not press the enter key in time, your character will slip and fall
on the stairs, giving the hospital personnel time to catch up.
Hint: on the underground floors they won't get you easily as this is where
all the admin staff works and they are not aware of your whereabouts.
You don't need a shaft to get to the underground floors.
You just  take the stairs from a floor above the ground to an underground
floor .Occasionally you will find quiet offices to hide in on the floors
above the ground.
But you only have  a little amount of time to hide  before the personnel
decides to visit the office you're hiding in.
You have  to find an exit, but there's 4 of them!
They're not on the ground floor.
The other 3 will just lead you into a small garden where the hospital
personnel will easily find you.
Don't think that you can actually use this as a hiding place!
There is only 1  exit that will let you escape.
Listen for a very  soft sound clip of somebody reporting news on tv.
     If you reach this exit, an alarm goes off letting the personnel know
you are about to escape.
The other  exits also have soft sound clips of people doing tv shows, but
you have to carefully listen for the exit with the news reporting clip.
Once you  take the exit, you must run until you encounter a tv.
 The tv will make that static electricity sound like when a tv is turned off
or on. Once you are  1  feet away from the tv, you will teleport back to
home. Now your parents must again  make arrangements to put  you on the
train to go to the hospital.
   They're not happy about you escaping!
Make life hard for them next time by playing this game again.

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