Plot and objective:
You are residing in  an apartment building of a boarding institute  in
Connecticut, USA.
You suffer several disabilities, making it necessary to be looked after.
So in this boarding institution's building, you get your meals, your laundry
is done and you have a nice big spacious living space inside the big
building. Your favorite pastime is to dance on your own on the beat of
ballroom music.
You've got your favorite ballroom music playing: swing waltzes, vianese
waltzes, quicksteps and foxtrots.
You enjoy dancing for an hour or so after which you head down to the public
community room to listen to the tv.
For a while, all goes well, you enjoy listening to the show on tv.
But then some of the people in the community room starts ridiculing you for
dancing on your own, because they saw you through the windows of the
community room. At first, you break down in terrible sobbs while you try to
listen to the show on tv.
But then, you decide that you have to revenge.
So you head down to the doors of the living spaces of other boarders.
You step onto your portal sci fi transport pad and teleport into each
boarder's living space of those boarders who ridiculed you, who are in the
community room. Armed with your advanced sci fi machine, you tamper with the
alarm of the boarder until it makes a much louder sound than usual.
You hear the boarder coming along to find out what's the racket about.
You quickly step onto your transport pad, teleporting into the next guilty
boarder's living space, tampering with his alarm.
 You do this with all the boarder's alarms who offended you.
At first when the boarding institute's  staff learned of this, they want to
expel you from the boarding institute. But then when they learned of the
whole story, they took away some privileges from the offending boarders and
that was the last of them ridiculing you!
You step onto  the transport pad by selecting it from your inventory with
the tab key, which is  among a lot of unnecessary items such as tissues and
thumb drive protecting lids presenting a challenge to quickly find the
transport pad
You tamper with the alarms by completing several tasks the game will
randomly give you such as arranging letters or numbers from big to small, or
by putting the various day-today sounds you will hear in categories by
pressing enter on a sound to hear it; move to the correct category with tab
and then hit enter to drag that sound there.

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