Plot and objection:
You're residing in the US  state Arkansas.
You suffer from a mental disability.
 You bought yourself a delicious 3 layor chocolate cake with thick icing.
You were considering to eat the cake that morning, but you decided to pay a
visit to the streets, just wandering the streets of Arkansas.
So you always put on your nice hat when going to the streets but this time
you did not realize what you are doing and you put that huge cake on top of
your head; thinking its your hat.
So you go into the streets.
All the people laughs a lot about you having this cake on your head.
While you are walking using 3d game movement similar to shades of doom, you
occasionally  need to balance that cake by pressing enter followed by either
the left or right bracket keys on your keyboard, depending to which side the
cake sways .The laughing and ridiculing gets worse and suddenly you run to a
cement bench and place yourself on it in a sitting position, put the cake
next to you and burst out in terrible crying.
But the laughing and ridicule just gets worse.
You think that nobody is going to help you when, suddenly, a fire breathing
dragon teleports from the planet malmac to where you're sitting.
IN a rough but concerned  voice he asks you what the matter is ?
You explains your situation to him and he offers to give you a ride on his
back. You put the cake back in its box and load it on the dragon.
You get on the dragon's back and off you go, scaring the living wax out of
the ridiculers. The dragon breathes large clouds of smoke to scare off the
ridiculers .You have to steer the dragon in the right direction with left or
right arrows  so that you don't collide into walls or lamp poles while on
the dragon's back. Eventually some of the ridiculers stampers to you and
apologize and give you a bread and some fruit.
You get off the dragon's back, give him some fruit to thank him and go home.
The dragon teleports back to malmac with a smile on his rough skin face. 

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