Imagine a donkey-Kong style of game in which an enraged psychopath gets up onto 
the Sears Tower and starts chucking bowling balls at passers by, and you have 
to stop him.  At first, you're outside the building and so you don't have much 
warning as the balls come crashing down--all you hear is the thuds, the 
screaming of terrified people and so on, not to mention the cartoonish 
boioioioioing if one hits a person.  Once you're in the building, climbing the 
stairs it's a bit easier because the balls come crashing--right to left, fall, 
left to right, fall, and so on--and they don't always fall in the same places 
either, because he throws them at different speeds--so they might skip right 
over that first drop only to fall through the second, or they might make it to 
the fifth--and don't think of trying the elevators, cuz the psycho disabled 
them.  There would be weapons you can pick up too--hammers to smash the balls, 
(two hits for the eight pounders, four hits for the 16 pounders,) flame 
throwers to torch them faster, and also power pills that would allow you to 
jump over more than two balls at a time, a thing you couldn't ordinarily do.  
Be careful, cuz if you are hit with a bowling ball, you'll lose health points.  
"Ow!  Gosh darn it, that was my toe," or wherever it hit.  Being hit in the 
feet means not jumping as high or running as fast.  Being hit in the arms means 
not being able to use your weapons as well, and being hit in the head means 
slower reaction time to simulate confusion.

Also, the psycho has demolished some of the key stairways up to the top, so 
you'll need to climb through elevator shafts to get to that next level, which, 
unfortunately for you, will mean that you have to drop all your current weapons 
to do it--unless you can figure out a way to turn those elevators back on.  You 
also have to be careful because the psycho has a switch that allows him to do 
just that, so you might find yourself being flattened by a downrushing 
elevator.  This calls for precise timing--a little patience goes a long way.  
You can also trick the psycho into thinking you're climbing the shaft by going 
in, wait for him to start the elevator, run out, wait for it to stop at the 
bottom, then climb up and ride to the top.  Again, very tricky as first, you're 
probably not on the bottom floor and will have to ride it down a ways before it 
stops, possibly causing damage to your health points, secondly, jumping off 
before he smashes it against the roof, and thirdly, keeping stability as he 
turns it on and off rather quickly, trying to throw you from it.
Once you get to the top, the psycho abandons his trunk of balls and grabs two 
swords.  He hands you one and you start dueling.  Whoever falls off the 
building first obviously is the loser and goes for a swim in the lake.  Ouch!  
That was a terribly painful belly flop...  The game has no killing, so anyone 
can play it.  The swords don't cause real wounds, so nobody would be offended 
at it--it would just be a great game for a lot of laughs.
Ken Downey
The Addictor
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