Hi Dark
Thanks for explaining this.
Please bare with me, I am still confused about what emulators do.
Do I have to buy the game console in order to emulate its games on my pc?
Or do I only have to buy the cartridge  containing the games?
If so, how do I put the console  cartridge into my pc?
Is the emulator idea cheeper  than buying  the console?
I want to do this legally from the start, but I am in the dark as to what
emulators do.
Can I connect a  joystick to my pc if I have a console emulator?
And lastly, can I emulate games legally such as Mario brothers and sircus
I can always ask my sighted friends to assist me in playing mainstream
Many thanks for any info.  
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Hi Nicol.

An emulator is a program designed to pretend to be another piece of hardware

running on your pc.

If you wanted for instance, you could run a comador 64 computer emulator and

use it's word processer function.

However, obviously the thing people most want to do with emulators is 
emulate games consoles or computer systems of the past and run games.

Thus, when running correctly, an emulator gets you precisely the same as 
you'd get if you physically had a nes, snes, ps1 or whatever.

They thus don't specifically help with access, sinse unfortunately it's not 
possible to read the graphically emulated text with your pc screen reader 
(if it was that would be awsome, but sadly no).

So, emulators are basically just another way of playing mainstream games, 
and one which, as Tom says is of dubious legality.

I personally haven't run that many emulators, simply because I prefer to 
play games on original consoles and sinse I have a perfectly working Snes 
gamecube and Mega drive there really is no need for me to.

beware the grue!


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