The point of the game is not to stand there and collect items... it's to beat it and move on. The longer you stand there, the lower your time bonus is... and it isn't the blades that are unbalanced, I think... I don't really care one way or another, I just turn the game on and blast through as much as I can. People don't like the fact that you can't jump over them, and they kill you in one slash. I don't like the fact that you can jump over them either... especially since obstacles can often come in groups that are hard if not impossible to avoid. The most basic one? The blade with a boulder right next to it. You can't jump over the blade, and by the time you walk past that blade the boulder is pretty much on top of you. That one can be avoided though.. just back off and wait for the boulder to come to you... but what if you have aboulder, blade and fireball all at once? I have sceen that happen. You can duck the fireball, sure... but by the time you get out of the crouch, wham... there's the boulder. And you can't jump over it... because if you do, the blade is right there to impale you. So either way you die.

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